Centre wise candidate score list is published in the Centre login, download the Candidate score list through your Centre login. In case of any queries related to login credentials please mail to iaptentrance17@gmail.com.

Certificate of National Top 1% and State Top 1% are available in the Candidate Login, download your Certificate using Candidate Login.

For authentication click the below link and enter the sheet number printed in the Certificate below the QR Code.
Link for authentication IAPT - 2017 certificate (National top 1% and State top 1%).

Important Note: It has come to our notice that some individual / student are registering as Centre InCharge / Principal of some institutions, this is a serious matter and will be treated as impersonation and a Criminal Act and suitable complaint will be lodged against that individual.

Center : Registration is mandatory for IAPTNSE-2017 Examination (Old or New Center’s).
                Please do not REGISTER multiple times, if you have any difficulty in registering kindly contact us on 080 – 49087030 or
                Email ID: iaptentrance17@gmail.com.

               For registration of Institution no fee is required

Student : Students can enroll only through NSE centers and direct enrollment using online registration will not be considered.